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Wearproof thermocouple and protective sleeve which

Wearproof thermocouple and protective sleeve which
is applicable in oil refining catalyzing set

    High-temperature wearproof armoured thermocouple
    It's measured end is to use wearproof alloy structure or high-temperature boule tube, it has the advantages long in service life, good in wearability and resistant to high temperature. Used in wearproof and high-temperature media.
Wearproof thermocouple with cut-off
    High-temperature thermocouple
    It is to use high aluminum ceramic or corundum in outer tube, it has corrosion-proof, it is to use other noble metals in thermoelectrode, operating temperatuer 0~1600℃。
  Wearproof thermocouple with cut-off M-WR▢-4G30-N
    It has the advantages, wearproof and corrosion-proof etc. It is applicable to measure temperature in the process of refining oil, during the operation, in case of the oil leak in the protective tube, the thermocouple must be cut off at once by turning the cut-off handle to ensure safety temperature range 0~880℃。
    Wearproof and leakless thermocouple M-WR▢K-4G▢0-M.Ka
    It is used for measure temperature in oil refining process. The product is weaproof and corrosion-proof. During long-time operation, there occurs leakage of oil in protective sleeve, closely attaches cutting sleeve to armoured thermocouple, completely pevents leakage of oil, reduces manual operation, paint temperature higher than before measured end consistas of wearproof alloy steel. It is the indispensable measuring element of oil refining factory.

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